My vomiting puke journal: day 58 puking oranges and pizza plus full facial shots

Hello everyone

Just to let all of my darlings know that there is now a secret emetophilia Facebook group which has formed. Please add me as a Facebook friend by clicking here and let me know you want to be part of the group, then I will add you.

Just to apologise for the lack of videos made this January. I have been given a promotion at work so I have been focussing on my career lately.

Here is a sneak preview of today’s sexy vomiting video:-

This is the pizza I ate:-

Which, along with lots of other food, including 5 oranges, I managed to turn into this:-

Today’s video has got an awesome start where I’m in a sexy bikini touching my belly in a very sensual way while I talk you through what I stuffed myself with in order to make the show.  The video contains the sexiest vomit you know. I’m sitting down in the shower really going for it, and thrusting forward with my whole body as the puke comes out.

After two puke-warm ups, I really go for it big time the next two projectile jolts:-

I projectile vomit loads and loads of heavy chunky vom…really awesome! I keep on projectile vomiting powerfully for many minutes non-stop. In addition, I show my whole face for the whole time!

Then we turn to the familiar belly shooting scene, where the camera focusses on my belly as I heave and burp and vomit!

Even this part has got something new. While finishing up the belly view I give you a closeup shot of my boobs (of course with bikini on) with vomit on them! The vid ends with me cleaning up the pukey mess:-

And then I have to pick out the massive chunks of vomit (mainly oranges) because they wouldn’t go down the plug hole…

And then at the end of the video, the next day, I put my bikini back on and show you how different my belly looks  with no food inside. This video is 14 minutes of pure sexiness with looooads of vomiting. It is $5.99 for a 30 day rental or $9.99 for a lifetime purchase:-

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Love from

Jessica x


5 thoughts on “My vomiting puke journal: day 58 puking oranges and pizza plus full facial shots

  1. Love seeing the big chucks of orange at the end. Can you do another video where the food is easily recognizable, maybe puking whole noodles or pasta?


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