My vomiting puke journal: Day 60 Old School Style

Dear everyone,

I work in a school, and this was how one of the kids was eating a kit Kat:-

At least you cant mess up eating this:-

Yes, you guessed it, that was my dinner in today’s video, plus plenty of walnuts, crisps, bread and chocolate. I’m so healthy. This was me in preparation for today’s video:-

So for today, I started to reminis the “good ol’ days” when I used to vomit down the toilet and masturbate afterwards. This is because instead of puking in the shower, and taking about 2 hours to film and clean up after the whole thing, I used to film it all in 20 minutes and then have a sexy session afterwards on my own. I took myself back to when I started this journal in September 2015. So therefore today’s vom video is in the old style *wipes a clammy, wistful tear away*

This means that I am just basically puking down the toilet (my free hand is hidden from view; down my trousers, pleasuring myself). But the camera focuses on the vomit going down the toilet and not on me, so you don’t see much of me.

It is also kind of an anniversary as it’s my 60th video. To celebrate, the video starts with me talking you through my day foodwise with the tv creating a disco light effect all around my belly. Then I go back to the good old toilet. I fill it up with very chunky puke. It comes in some big huge streams to fill up the toilet superfast. In other words…professional puking!

 After one minute of straight puking, there’s  a real change in the vomit colour and consistency. This is a nice surprise for my viewers. Then I just keep going and keep going like it’s the end of the world! 
 As the vom gets less and less, and my stomach gets emptier, I fill it back up with sparkling water, and puke that up:-

The video also has a great ending showing my nude body wet after a shower, with my stomach empty and back to normal. Obviously no private parts are showing. This video is  6 minutes 27 seconds long long and is $0.99 for a 30 day rental or $4.99 to download and keep.:-

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I love you lots,
Jessica x

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