My Vomiting Puke Journal: Day 61 Puking into Bags in a Bikini

Guess what! Today I have a new puking scenario! Today I puked into food bags! It was a suggestion from an old friend and I thought “what a good idea!” So I did it.

This time I fill up one and a bit plastic food bags with lovely vomit. It’s amazing seeing how the bag fills up with great brown and very chunky nice vomit.

After about three minutes non-stop puking I zone onto my belly while I keep going in a sexy mauve bikini. This bikini is slightly tight around the chest area it shows off my boobs better than usual. 


My dinner consisted of Portuguese cakes including “bolo de berlim” or “Berlin cake”:-


These are basically like donuts but stuffed with a yolk filling (my mouth is watering describing them). This is a shout-out to all my German fans. I love you all 😘😘

I also ate chocolate cereal, which gives my puke it’s characterical chocolatey colour. And I ate until my belly looked like this:- 


Then the real fun began:-  

This was the final result:-  

So please feel free to purchase this sexy puke video. It is 10 mins 51 seconds long and it great value to rent for 30 days at $4.99 or to buy, download and keep for $9.99:-

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Jessica x

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