My Vomiting Puke Journal: Day 62 Yellow Vom and Vomit Story

Hello everybody


Welcome to another vomiting article and video!  Today’s article is extra special because it has a sexy vomit story.  All or most emetophiles love to read about vomiting anecdotes because it stretches to our imagination and turns us on.  This puke story is littered with photos from today’s video, available at the bottom of this post.  Here goes:-

Even though the spring term was rapidly coming to an end and summer would soon be here, the day was unseasonably warm for the time of year. A happy mood had enveloped Chasetown and everyone seemed to be in good spirits thanks to the summery weather.

As always I spent the lunch break on my own, watching everyone else enjoying the sunshine and playing together while I kept to myself, without the confidence to approach anyone and talk to them. On the concrete tennis courts football and tennis games were in progress, while on the field in the distance several lunchtime sports practices were in progress. Glad I wasn’t hard at it playing sport in such heat, I made my way back across the yard towards the main building.

With nothing else to do, I decided to head inside for afternoon tutor slightly early. I was glad of the cooler interior of the school as I walked down the virtually empty corridors to our tutor room in the maths department, and took my seat alone at the front as always. The ground floor classroom looked out onto the grass and car park at the front of the school, and a very pleasant breeze blew in through the open windows, rustling the blinds.

A couple of minutes later, the door opened and Jessica came into the classroom. Jessica was a tall, slender and very athletic girl who I always got on well with, and I was pleased to see her and at least have some company. She was one of these people who was incredibly committed to her work and school in general, and was in every sports team, after-school club and music society she could possibly join.

As she came in on this afternoon, Jessica was in her PE kit of tight-fitting white aertex shirt, black hairband, short black skirt and white trainers with ankle socks – she had clearly been to a sports practice out on the field at lunchtime. I had spotted several athletics practices going on when I had been outside, and certainly did not envy those playing sport in this heat.

Normally Jessica would have looked great in her PE kit, as her short skirt showed off her tight athletic body and olive-tanned, slender legs perfectly. I had always had something of a soft spot for her ever since I had known her, both for her looks and her studious yet bubbly nature, but my lack of confidence prevented me from saying anything to her.

Today however something was clearly not right with Jessica. As she came into the room she looked unusually hot and flustered, her face was blotchy and looked slightly puffy and sweaty, and she was moving rather uneasily with her eyes rather unfocused.

I had no chance to ask her if she was OK, however. As she came into the room she went “Oh goodness” under her breath, and walked rapidly across the room past towards the window with one hand on her stomach and her mouth firmly closed. As I looked round, I saw her leaning forward out of the open window, and all I could see were her tanned legs and her short PE skirt as she was bent double over the ledge. I was sure that if she bent over any further her skirt would ride up and I would be able to see her knickers. For a brief instant I wondered – what did she have on under her skirt? Some shorts to be on the safe side, or just her knickers?

After a few moments Jessica straightened herself up and turned rather unsteadily away from the window. Her eyes were half-closed and her face considerably paler than it normally was, and I could see something was very wrong. Worried she may be about to pass out I turned in my seat and motioned towards her as she took a couple of steps away from the window and placed her hand on the back of a chair for support.

“What’s up Jess?” I said calmly as the bell rang in the corridor to signal the end of lunch. She seemed to sway slightly, with one hand still lightly on her stomach and the other supporting herself against the chair.

“Being sick” she replied in a weak and shaking voice, but before she could say any more her head and tight body seemed to jolt forward and a slight, faint gurgle came from somewhere inside her throat as she tried to control the retch. As she did so she turned away from me and quickly made her way back to the window, clearly about to be sick again.

As I watched her she placed her hands on the narrow metal window ledge and bent forward again, her upper body disappearing from my view and her skirt riding up her thighs, although once again not quite far enough to reveal what was underneath. I considered going over to help her, to rub her back and hold her hair and comfort her, but my natural reserve and shyness kicked in at the same time, and I figured that she would probably want to be left alone while she was being sick, so I stayed where I was although keeping a watch on her all the same. At the same time another thought coursed through my head – I had always had what I thought was a strange interest in watching girls being sick, and now with it came a strange warm rush somewhere deep inside me. What could it mean? Was it possible that my interest was something more, something deeper and more meaningful?

As I looked across at her from my seat I could hear faint retching and coughing noises coming from outside the window as Jobeth experienced her lunch for a second time, and her legs shook a little as she struggled with her retching, but eventually she straightened up once more and turned around.

As she slowly and very shakily made her way back to her seat, her face had a rather dazed and confused look and she clearly still felt rough inside, so I rose from my seat, dispelling the hot flush I had gone through while I watched her, and went to sit beside her.

“Are you OK?” I said quietly.

“I think I am now, yeah” she said in a tired and faraway-sounding voice. “Still feel sick though.”

“It’ll be OK now” I said to reassure her. “What brought that on?”

“It was the heat I think” she replied, supporting her head with her hand and leaning on the desk. “I’ve been at my sports practices nearly all through lunch and was really hot when we finished. I started to feel sick when we were coming in off the field and I didn’t have chance to get changed before I had to come back here for tutor” she continued, her voice and composure regaining slightly as her stomach settled. “I felt sick all the way back from the PE block and just as I came into the room I felt it coming. I knew I wouldn’t get to the toilets in time so the only thing I could do was do it out of the window.”

I stayed beside her as she told me all this, wiping a small tear from the corner of her eye as she finished. “Well, you seem OK now” I commented, my shyness beginning to return, and I reddened slightly as I got to my feet, leaving Jessica to sit back and compose herself.

As I made to go back to my own desk, another odd feeling hit me inside, and I suddenly wanted to go to the window and look out to see what Jessica had brought up onto the grass. I steeled myself against the feeling and sat down as the rest of the group came in, but the thought and sight of Jessica being sick stayed with me for the rest of that warm afternoon – and a long time afterwards.


I love it!  Although, I cannot take credit for it as I did not write it.

Today’s puking video starts off with an introduction to my full, bloated and stretched belly with me touching, pinching and caressing it.  I am narrating about how full I am and you get to see it from various angles in an orange bikini. 

 After this, I proceed to puke down the toilet – you can see all the vomit and here all the sexy puking noises as it comes out. 

 The vom is a nice, thick yellow vomit made from mainly cornflakes and white chocolate…mmm….

As my puke is getting less and less and I’m coming to the end of it, I drink some sparkling water so as to puke a bit more.  Obviously this completely changes my vom consistency to water puke…lovely. 

Then you can see how small my stomach looks when it’s been emptied of food.

I hope you buy this sexy puke video. It is almost 7 mins long and full of loads of intensive puking and it great value to rent for 30 days at $4.99 or to buy, download and keep for $9.99:-

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