My vomiting Puke Journal: Day 63

Hello everyone!

Todays video kinda brings us back to the very start, how it all began many months ago when I first started posting puke videos. Look at this lonesome piece of orange in the middle of my vom:-

No body, no face, straight to the puking the amazing puking down the toilet. No fuss… it’s all about the great waterfall of vomit you all know and love 😍😍 For the first four and a half minutes, it’s non-stop puking. Seriously, after all those videos it’s still amazing watching how long I manage to keep going! Again the puke is very pukeish, it’s perfect. Nice and chunky with a bright brownish colour. 

Due to eating very dark chocolate, the puke darkens during the film:-

Then I keep going for three more minutes after drinking some soda. Still great puking, but obviously not the great chunky stuff; It’s a watery and lighter end, a great end:-

I hope you buy this sexy puke video. It is 6 mins 35 seconds long and is non-stop and intense vomiting. It is great value to rent for 30 days at $4.99 or to buy, download and keep for $9.99:-

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With pukey love,

Jessica xxxx

3 thoughts on “My vomiting Puke Journal: Day 63

  1. Hello i was wondering if you still well….for lack of a better word “Exist” there has not been any uploads or new info in months from you and i was just wondering. Hope you are ok, you seem like a petty darn cool person and you are a Legend in the emetophillia community.

    So yea hope you are alright!


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