About Jessica Pugh

Hello everybody

My name is Jessica Pugh and I vomit on an (almost) daily basis.  I have been doing this since I was 18, so for the last 6 years, and I have therefore decided to write an online journal regarding what happens.  I try my hardest to fill my blog post up with lots of photos, and with each blog article, I sell a video of my experience.  The video generally costs £5.99 to rent to 30 days, and £40 to purchase.

close up 4

I’m a very pliable and flexible person, and am open to new suggestions regarding what aspects of my vomitings people like to see, what camera angle, and generally how they like it filmed.  So feel free to message me and give me some suggestions.

Some people have complained about my “high prices”.  Unfortunately, at the moment, I’m not going to lower my prices – the reason is I produce high class, high quality vids, that need paying a bit more for. I want my website to be a little bit exclusive, like a special treat. Also, I’m worried that too many people having access to my vids could mean a breach of ownership rights.  I do hope you understand my reasonings.

Well take care, happy browsing, and have a good day!

Love Jessica x

4 thoughts on “About Jessica Pugh

  1. I love what you do! I have had my gf puke on me before, and have used my fingers to gag her puke out of her.
    I would love to see you vomit on some willing volunteer! And would love more to watch you drink your vomit back down, and vomit it back up!!


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